Here I am! The face behind Lasting Moments Media and I'm so thrilled you made it here.

There's a few things in life I geek out on - ponies, babies, and photography to name a few. I AH-DORE what I do, sometimes I have to pinch myself that I get to do this for a living.

I'm a bit of a simpleton - my love languages are quality time and acts of service. I will stay up until 2 AM editing a session I'm excited about before you will ever see me show up to a session with my makeup or hair done. I rock leggings and messy hair to afford spoiling my littles with all their favorite things. My form of self-care involves time with the 3 best boys in my life - my husband and my two sons, or a bareback stroll on my bestest one-eyed rescue horse, Patch.

More than anything in life, I value time, There's never enough of it, but I try to live every moment with purpose, and to soak up all the good of my little boys as they grow much too fast. Time... it's the one thing we can't get back. It's part of why I am so passionate about what I do. Let's freeze time, together, and capture you with those you love most.

The Teller of Your Story,
Your Photographer

HEy THere,



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My Philosophy

Creating and capturing connection is the core of what I strive for every session. Out with the photos of just smiling at the camera, I want the candid, authentic you.

Your session should be memorable as well as capture the essence of the personalities and interpersonal relationships between each individual. When you look at your images in years to come, I want you to be brought back to the memory of the sound of your little's laughter, the peace you felt when in the presence of your heart horse, the warmth of the embrace from your partner. These moments matter, and I want to document them in picture form for you.

"Booking photos is so much more than just the photos you may frame or share on Facebook"

PC: Caryn Scanlan Photography

There is nothing in life that inspires me more than my loved ones. Looking through old family albums, I am easily taken back to sitting on my grandmother's big red couch as she read me stories like "The Monster at the End of this Book" or the childhood trail riding adventures with my heart horse Ben. Then I look at my two little boys who made me a momma, and I am reminded of just how fast time goes by and how quickly they change.

These memories, these loved ones, these photos, remind me of my purpose and the importance of my job in photography. I dearly value the trust you place in me to capture life milestones and those you love.

“There is no time like the present "

my boys, my whole heart

Having your photos taken professionally can be STRESSFUL, right?  I get it. Even when it was just my hubs and I... planning the outfits, getting hair and makeup done, (ironing the hubs shirt 30 minutes before needing to leave and the hair still isn't curled) it was a lot. Now with 2 kids... it's a miracle if we get out the door on time without a meltdown (children AND adults included).

What if I told you I can take SO much of that stress away?

I have a client closet FILLED with amazing items to style you and your entire family. No running from store to store, figuring out what would go well together, no ironing. Just show up to your session ready to be present. I will provide direction and prompts throughout the session to get you and your loved ones moving and interacting, creating authentic moments and interactions.

No Stress, I gotchu

 The simple things in life bring me the greatest joy..

  • A car ride jamming to some Lizzo
  • Belly laughs to a good Stand-Up Comedy on Netflix with my hubs
  • Unapologetically owning my "basic" badge with pumpkin spice coffee
  • A quiet evening in the barn brushing my horse
  • Thai food is the superior cuisine, closely followed by Mexican
  • A bedtime story and snuggle with my two little boys

Just as the simple things in life bring me joy, it's the simple things I enjoy capturing during sessions. So let's keep it simple - let's explore the great outdoors, come as you are, and leave the rest to me!

'it's about the simple things in life"

myself and my rescue pony, SBR Patch

Can’t put in words how awesome Taylor is as person AND a photographer. She connected with my 3 year old son within minutes and worked with what he wanted to do (3 year olds don’t like to pose) her natural talent is out of this world and I highly recommend her for all your photography needs. I know Taylor will be capturing many more special moments of me and my family. Not only does she take amazing candids but she also forms connects with her clients. 10/10!!

Ariana & Family

Taylor was nothing short of phenomenal to work with! As soon as she arrived at my barn I felt like I was working with an old friend... she not only has an impeccable eye, but a lovely and calm demeanor... I enjoyed every minute of working with her and very much look forward to working with her again in the future! I HIGHLY recommend working with her-you will be so happy you did and your pictures will be AMAZING!!!

Rebecca & Monty

Taylor is amazing! She made the session so fun and relaxing! I will be recommending her to anyone who’s looking to have their pictures done! Can’t wait to book another session once our little girl arrives!

Kayla & Peter

SWEET nothings



Your Love

your story

No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to capture the unique connection you share with those you love.

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