A dreaded part of planning photos – what to wear. The more people there are to dress, the more daunting it can seem. But dressing cohesively for your photo session look, whether for a family or couples photo session, may not be as difficult as it seems.

Laughing family dress cohesively photo session

Before I started helping clients with the “what to wear” process, one of two things almost always seemed to happen – clients resorted to the classic blues and whites (because everyone has something in their closet in blue or white) or showed up in outfits that all matched in color or print. There’s a better way. What you wear for photos can make a great impact to the look of your images. Try these three easy steps to elevate how everyone is dressed in a cohesive way.

Step 1: Choose a Statement Piece

Whether dressing a group for an extended family session, or an intimate session for you and your spouse, start with an item that you adore. I don’t care if it is a cute outfit you found for one of your littles or a fun dress you found for yourself, use the item to inspire the style and attire for the shoot.

Step 2: Find a Color Palette Based on the Statement Piece

Using your statement piece as inspiration, search Pinterest for color palettes that include the color(s) of the statement piece you’ve chosen. Find a color palette you enjoy, choose 2-4 colors from the palette to stick by to dress everyone else. Of the 2-4 colors, have one of them be a basic white, cream, black, or brown to use as a filler. Find some of my favorite color palettes here.

Step 3: Mix Patterns, Textures, and Solids

This can be a trickier part, but take your time in your search. Instead of everyone wearing just solids, mix in patterns and textures. This adds interest to your photos. I find a good rule of thumb is for half of the individuals to wear solids and the other half to wear patterns. So if it is just you and your spouse, one of you should wear a solid while the other wears a pattern that incorporates the solid color. If a family of 4, two people should wear something patterned while the other two stick to items solid in color.

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When you need additional help or have questions, you can always consult with your photographer too. When hiring someone you trust, they can help with items that not only are going to create a cohesive look, but also fit their brand for what photographs best.

What you wear for your session should be done purposefully, and utilizing these steps can elevate your overall look. For my clients, not only do I guide clients through these kind of steps with what to wear, but I also offer a client closet with boho-inspired items to pull together a cohesive look. If that sounds like your jam, click here or the button blow to work together for your photo session!

Taylor Hersom

April 19, 2023

Laughing family in dynamic cohesive outfits

Dress Cohesively for Your Photo Session in 3 Easy Steps

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